Things that annoyed me in 2016


Okay let us not be like really formal and shit. The bottom line is that 2016 sucked! And it sucked bad!! Though a lot of annoying, irritating and sad stuff happened this year, both in my personal( hug me! ) and social life,f the crappy things that I am going to mention in this article got to me the most, and I’m pretty sure that all of you guys will agree with me and then maybe you all will live happily after reading this post.


After hearing this song, my ears literally suffered from trauma. The phrase ‘Mankind’s Angel’ seems more of an abuse, thanks to Taher Shah. This guy literally rocked the internet when his second song, titled ‘Angel’ came out. In the video, a man with a very weird body structure(Lord Taher Shah himself) could be seen flailing about in a weird night gown and singing, nay, speaking some weird things in English. The guy later raps too. A very weird lady and a small kid also feature in this viral video. God knows how that poor kid will survive when he comes of age. Above is the video of this song.



First of all I’d like to say that I totally hated this beat pe booty challenge. I mean every guy in town is doing that stupid dance. The dance in itself is not stupid, it’s just tough. It requires a flexible body and not everyone has that. Especially Kamaal Rashid Khan. When people like KRK perform this challenge, it is bound to be annoying. And the mannequin challenge, I mean what is that??!!! Really really weird and really really annoying. People behaving like statues(mannequins to be exact) and suddenly behaving normal, shit if you ask me! We humans really need to get some jobs! These challenges look fun at first but at the end of the day, they’re kinda over the top.


Let me be clear on this one, I am on board with this move, I really am. In the long run it will benefit the whole nation. What annoyed me is the surge in the number of economists in our country since demonetization. Every other guy knows as much as the finance minister, it seems. Also the political atmosphere in the nation took a turn for the worse. Parliament was disrupted several times and The President of India had to remind the MPs to do their work. Do you know that each minute of Parliament costs around ₹2.5 lakh? And when the Parliament is disrupted it wastes precious taxpayer’s money. This makes me sad rather than annoyed.


This graph shows the increase in the number of economists in India since demonetization.



No. Coldplay didn’t annoy me. Their concert’s ticket prices did. I mean how do you expect a person like me to pay that much? I’m not rich! I can’t afford it! And then this thing called the internet, after the announcement of the prices suddenly went into overdrive. The whole of social media was filled with nothing but memes and trolls about Coldplay ticket prices and how it broke our hearts(it indeed did). What more? Rich people who never heard Coldplay ended up going to their concert and we, the real fans ended up sitting at home with our heads down. Kinda sad, kinda irritating and annoying.

A funny meme mocking the Coldplay concert prices, courtesy of The Honest Page

A funny internet meme mocking the prices of the tickets of the Coldplay concert. Courtesy of The Honest Page



The worst possible trend that annoyed and irritated me to my core was ‘Sonam Gupta Bewafa Hai’. Nobody knows who Sonam Gupta is, nor did anyone tried to know. Some lovestruck idiot first wrote it on a 10 rupee note and after the demonetization bomb was dropped another idiot wrote it on a 2000 rupee note and this time, this trend spread like wildfire. Internet memes, notice boards, everywhere we could find this shit. Some idiots went so far with this that they messaged random Sonam Guptas on facebook – “Tu bewafa kyun nikli?” It’s a relief that it has finally ended.
These notes literally created history.


As expected, the presidential elections of The United States of America created much hype around themselves, partly because well, you know, it is after all the elections of USA. But major credit goes to their newest, and may I say the most controversial President ever, who goes by the name of Donald John Trump. Let me be very straightforward, Donald Trump is not the man who in any way is fit enough to lead this nation. What I saw and heard from his election campaigns were sexist comments, racist ideology and communal views. Nothing that he said seemed rational to me. Also a man who has no knowledge of foreign policies and who has such extreme views is highly dangerous for the whole world. Let’s just hope that Mr. President doesn’t lose his cool in the near future.

A photo that Donald Trump used on his holiday cards.
                                                                                                                                                                                    Do read this amazing article to know more about the worst possible impact of Donald Trump



The city of Nice after the terrorist attack


The saddest things that happened in 2016 is something that shows us the real face of humanity in this modern world. It’s not a problem anymore, but it seems that terrorism has indeed become a crisis. Countries like Syria and Iraq are the worst affected. It pains me to even think about how people might be living in those war torn areas. The truck attack in the city of Nice in France shows how far the roots of terrorism have grown, managing to reach even Europe in no time. The situation is grave, and the world really needs a Superman now. I do hope that there’s a God up there who’s listening to all this because I pray for all those affected with all my heart.