Why Banning Pakistani Artists from Bollywood is Justified


guitarSeptember 18, Uri attack, 18 Indian soldiers martyred. September 19, confirmation of Pakistani army’s involvement.

Why wasn’t I surprised? It was pretty easy to figure out about the involvement of the Pakistani army. Since then, there’s been a huge anti-Pakistan wave in the country. Also, the boycott of the Pakistani artists is being pictured as an option to show Pakistan it’s place and get better treatment.

But there’s a very very large number of people who believe that this is not the way, which surprises me. The argument that these people present is a very clichéd one. “Art has no boundaries” they say, while asking me to look at this boycott from a humanitarian viewpoint.

While this to an extent is true, not always can we have this kind of an argument.

1.No Pakistani actor or singer who works in India have condemned the Uri attack. According to the chairman of Zee, a leading television corp, when they asked some of their Pakistani artists to condemn it, they refused. These Pakistani artists need to remember that throughout the world, people know them as Bollywood actors, not as Pakistani actors.

2. In 2013, Pakistan refused visa to ‘Euphoria’, a very famous Indian band and some months ago, accomplished actor Anupam Kher was also denied visa. While Indian authorities also do that, the number of Pakistani artists working in India are a lot. So only 1 or 2 out of a 100 are maybe denied a visa.

3. When the issue of denying visas to Indians comes up in the USA or the UK, no citizen bats an eye. But when the issue of banning Pakistani artists comes up in India, everybody becomes a humanitarian. In a country which has 121 million people, I don’t think there is any dearth of talent. Then why don’t we try and promote the artistic talents of our countrymen first? Just think about your reaction if a Pakistani takes up a job which you could’ve gotten and then the same guy’s behaivour reflects this anti India attitude.

4. Try explaining your humanitarian views to the wife and children of the brave soldiers who was on the border last night, defending India while you were sleeping. The soldiers are the real heroes. They die. Things like world peace and global citizenship is actually far far away from the ground reality. The ground reality is that India and Pakistan are clearly not friends, and to achieve peace India must defend itself against Pakistan. Also, the soldiers on the border don’t have a personal feud with Pakistan. Those soldiers could’ve taken up a job which was easy and which had the same pay. But they are out there defending our nation while many among us make such arguments.

5. One of the most clichéd statements I have heard from these peaceniks is that “Art has no boundaries”. If that is the case then why do we associate Bharatanatyam with Tamil Nadu and Kalbeliya with Rajasthan? Tourism is based on the different arts that can be found in different regions.

6. Does anyone remember the Award Wapsi issue? Well what I see is that many of those who are saying against the banning of Pakistani artists are the ones who lead the Award Wapsi brigade, which shows that they are just there to protest against the government.