10 Things That India Must do to teach Pakistan a harsh lesson



India’s 10 Points Action Plan to Punish Pakistan:

1. Stop shouting on TV.
2. Go for a proxy War . Launch a slow and sustained campaign to inflict pain and costs.
3. Break diplomatic relations. It can’t be business as usual. Tell the world that India has a right to retaliate against Pakistan’s ongoing undeclared war.
4. Declare moral and diplomatic support to Baluchi and Sindhi nationalists. Arm Baluch rebels . increase your presence in Afganistan .
5. Withdraw from Indus Water Treaty, 1960 and slowly but increasingly curtail the flow of water to Pakistan after every terror attack.
6. Launch a cyber war on its govt sites.
7. Impose full economic sanctions. Stop all trade, even if it hurts our own exporters. Stop Indian companies who export to Pakistan through Dubai.
8. Tell global companies, including the Chinese ones, if you trade with Pakistan, you cannot trade with India.
9. Tell Bollywood and BCCI not to entertain any Pakistani actors, singers and cricketers.
10. And finally, tell pro-Pakistani Indians –
a) not to insult our martyrs;
b) not to gloat on Modi’s failure; and
c) stand united behind India.img_20160920_172124_878